1-Way Remote Start & Keyless Entry System, Low-Current Ignition

  • Model: LC-3

  • Cool Start™
  • Designed for vehicles with low current ignition switches - late model vehicles like GM, Ford, Chrysler and some Japanese and other imported vehicles
  • Benefits to installer - smaller guage wires (18g) for easier connection to low current ignition switches
  • Perfect for Push-to-Start vehicle and newer Chrysler vehicles with no ignition wires
  • LC Series starters can remote start vehicle through the data module
  • Includes a Smartphone port for direct Plug-In of a GPS Modem to interface with all the new Smart Phones
  • 2-Way twin data ports to accommodate Fortin and ADS data modules
  • (2) New style, 4-button transmitters with brushed aluminum accents and titanium button finish
  • Keyless entry
  • (2) Vehicle operation

  • Specifications:
  • Range: Up to 1500 Ft.
  • 2-Way Data Port
  • Smart Phone Port
  • OEM Remote Compatible
  • Keyless Entry
  • Remote Start
  • Manual Transmission Operation
  • Dome light Supervision
  • Horn Honk Output
  • Remote Panic
  • Silent Lock & Unlock through remote

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