Add-On Remote Start Upgrade for OEM Keyless Entry Systems

  • Model: RS00-G4

  • Cool Start™ Remote Start System
  • Utilizes factory keyless entry transmitter to start the vehicle
  • Simply press lock button of factory remote 3 times to start
  • Integrates with door lock system of vehicle
  • Start, lock/unlock, pop trunk
  • Horn honk output
  • Turbo Timer mode with hand brake activation
  • 2-Way data port
  • Negative ignition, accessory and start outputs
  • OEM alarm/disarm outputs
  • Programmable engine sensing modes: Tachometer (RPM), Tachless (Voltage) or Hybrid Mode
  • Gas or diesel engine operation
  • Manual Transmission mode with hand brake or remote activation
  • High-current parking light circuit

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