Rear-View Mirror with 4.3" Monitor, OnStar Integration

  • Model: SV-9162

  • 4.3" Color LCD Screen
  • Designed specificially for use with GM vehicles with built-in OnStar™ technology
  • Plugs into OnStar™ harness and allows vehicle to retain all GPS and roadside assistance features
  • Looks identical to factory OnStar™ mirror; completely replaces OEM rear-view mirror and includes all the same bottom controls
  • Monitor is completely invisible when not in use, can be shut off at any time
  • (2) Video inputs for reverse cameras/DVD
  • Auto-switching for displaying back-up camera when in reverse
  • Anti-glare protection with automatic adjustment to light conditions
  • Compatible with any SecurView™ or PlateCam™ cameras, or any camera using RCA cable video connection

SV-9162 | SV9162

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